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Free Mach5 Autorun – CD Installer Helper Application

I’ve looked for this software very long! This is the best!

Mach5 AutorunMach5′s autorun can take a simple web page and make it drive several installers or other content on your CD.┬áMach5′s freeware cd autorun creator program opens up an IE control with width, height, and initial page (home page) to load all pulled from an ini file. It patches the “install:” protocol in the IE control to launch a general file from your CD. It can be any file or document to open. That’s it! That’s all it does.

  • Make a CD with multiple packages on it – your customers can easily pick which package to install.
  • As easy as making a web page. In fact.. it is the same as making a web page!
  • You can run your installer application or open documents by simply putting an HTML style link in your layout.
  • Freely distributable on your CDs, free of adware, spyware, or other rotten mess.

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