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Email Attachment Decode Shell Extension

Decode Shell Extension allows you to decode Internet email attachments simply by right-clicking on a saved message file from Explorer and selecting Decode from the menu. Decode Shell Extension is for 32 bit Windows.

Decode Shell Extension supports multiple attachments, multi-part files (already concatenated), Base64(MIME), yEnc, BinHex (Mac format), quoted-printable, plain text, XXENCODED, and User (table) encoded files. If the attachment contains only one file, Decode Shell Extension will offer to open it using either the associated program or Notepad. For virus safety reasons, Decode Shell Extension will not offer to launch .exe, .com, .bat, & .cmd files. If you are concerned about macro viruses, you should also scan decoded Word and Excel files with your anti-virus checker before loading them.

You can download this freeware utility here.

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