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DirGraph – Freeware Graphical Disc Usage Analyser

DirGraph provides a graphical view of the space used by your files and directories. It allows you to navigate around this view – zooming in to see greater detail and zooming out to see the bigger picture.

DirGraph Screenshot

It also supports colour coding its display by file dates, so you can see at a glance how much of the space used is occupied by files that haven’t been accessed for an age [and that should therefore have been committed to back-up storage long ago].

It can be quite interesting to look at your system in this way: for instance did you know your games and mp3 directories was taking that much of you over-all drive space?!! No wonder there wasn’t room to install the latest version of PaceMaker…

DirGraph is free to use and distribute, but if you find it or its code useful, the author would appreciate a small email letting him know if you like it and/or how you use it.


  • The directories reported by Dirgraph are now automatically sorted by size (with the largest first). This makes it easy to spot the directories that use the most disk space
  • A new Directory Information dialog which is launched from the “directory properties” right-click menu option. This dialog shows all of the files/directories used in the calculation of the current directory information. Its rows are color-coded with the same format as the normal Dirgraph directories and each of the columns can be sorted.
  • Dirgraph now calculates the space wasted for each file/directory on your hard drive by cluster allocation. For those of you who do not know about cluster allocation and how it wastes hard drive space, you should check out an article about FileSystems at: The program has two ways that it shows this information, first it is at the bottom of the Directory Information dialog for each directory displayed (along with the cluster size used in the calculation). Second, the entire display can be set to show Wasted space instead of occupied space with the “Show Directory/Show Wasted Space” option.
  • A “Scale Factor” option has been implemented that allows more directory information to be calculated than can be displayed on the screen at one time. When Dirgraph displays directories, any directories that are too small to display are lumped together in one entry. By increasing the Scale Factor, scroll bars appear on the display and less directories are lumped together. More information on this option is provided below.


  • In order to navigate directories, users now double-click instead of single-click as in the previous version.
  • Right clicking on the display area in Dirgraph now gives a right-click menu with several options (inluding Directory Properties, Copy, SaveAs, and Print)
    Dirgraph “remembers” up to last 10 directories entered and provides them in a drop-down list. Also, users can browse for a directory graphically with the new “browse” button.
  • Users can now can close the application directly from the title bar — previously users had to click on the Exit button.


  • The dialog used to specify colours has been upgraded to the Windows default. Users can now specify any RGB value, or select it graphically.
  • A “Colour Whole Block” option has been implemented for users that do not prefer the highlight-only colour option.

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