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Twisted4life – Free Secondary DNS Service

Twisted4Life offers free Secondary DNS for your domains.  If your looking for another dns to put your domain in, this is for you. Providing additional secondary servers can greatly improve the reliability and accessibility of your domain. Should your primary DNS become unavailable due to network problems, your secondary DNS entries come into play, the more DNS servers you have, the greater the resilience to errors. Making your website available 24/7.

Also You can find some usefull tools there:

  • WWW Gzip Compression
  • DNS Configuration Checker (This tool checks the DNS zone configuration of your domain. It will report any configuration errors that violate any of the DNS RFC’s. In addition, it helps ensure that you have properly defined and configured MX records for your domain)
  • SMTP Configuration Checker (This tool checks that the email address you entered has a valid mail server that receives it’s mail. It will first lookup for the main MX record for that domain, and attempt to deliver mail to the specified MX server.)

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