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JXplorer – Best Freeware LDAP Browser

JXplorer screenshotJXplorer is an open source ldap browser. It is a standards compliant general purpose ldap browser that can be used to read and search any ldap directory, or any X500 directory with an ldap interface.JXplorer handles all the basic ldap operations required to browse and modify an ldap directory. In addition it is highly configurable – the user can customise it in a number of ways, ranging from simple configuration of html viewing templates through to creating plug in java code.

JXplorer features:

  • Ldap operations: add/delete/copy/modify
  • Complex operations: tree copy and tree delete
  • Optional GUI based search filter construction
  • SSL and SASL authentication
  • HTML templates/forms for data display
  • Table view of generic entry data
  • Binary Data Attribute Handling
  • Pluggable editors/viewers
  • Security Keystore GUI
  • Pluggable security providers
  • Full internationalisation support
  • LDIF file format support
  • Highly user configurable
  • Drag-n-drop browsing operation
  • Handles tricky ldap cases:
    • multi valued rdns,
    • binary attributes
    • Certificates and Passwords
    • Unicode characters
    • Special characters / UTF8 in distinguished names.
  • DSML Support
  • SLAPD Support
  • And much, much more…

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Download JXplorer for free from here.

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