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DNS Remote Checkers

Everyone who setting up DNS-server (especially for the first time) will need for settings checker. Here are some free online tools for remote checking of Your DNS settings, zone delegation, etc. Zone Delegation Checker Zone Delegation Checker LogoThis tool can be used to check a reverse zone setup in the DNS. It follows the routines that the RIPE NCC uses for reverse zone delegation. You can use it by entering the domain name of the zone you wish to check, and hitting the submit button.

Although we only use it for ‘prospective’ reverse zones, it is almost equally applicable for existing zones and forward zones. For that reason we have made it accessible from the RIPE NCC website.

Knossos Networks DNS delegation checker

Knossos logoThis page can be used to check that delegation information for a domain is up to date and correct at the registry. A few other checks are done on the usabilility of the domain, such as whether MX records for the domain are set up correctly.

Note that only UDP DNS queries are done; the script makes no attempt to check if WWW or mail services are operational, nor does it check DNS entries apart from those associated with the delegation and common services.


CheckdnsCheckDNS.NET can check DNS delegation, mail and web servers in your domain. Easy to use: just enter the domain name (for example, “”) to get a free report on this domain.
Moreover, with PowerCheck you can check all domains in your responsibility at once and save this result.

Use the analyzer to:

  • Check if your domain has appropriate DNS servers delegated
  • See if your DNS servers are alive
  • Test if your hosting service is functioning
  • Verify if your DNS servers server the zone corresponding to your domain
  • Make out if all DNS servers have the same zone version
  • Check if your WWW-Web server is running
  • Verify if your hosting service is alive
  • Test if your mail server is receiving emails
  • Check if how many backup MX servers are configured within your zone
  • Test if these backup servers are functioning in case your primary MX is down
  • Validate if your backup mail server rejects your email in case of a failure because of an not optimal configured open relay restriction
  • Check your SOA record
  • Test if all your WWW-Server clustered nodes are up and running with DNS round robin Web-Tool to get a full report to check if all relevant elements are in “the green range”
  • Get a step by DNS analysis and find out where the fault can be located, in a case when your Site is down or not reachable
  • Test if your Web Server is reachable from outside (from the internet)
  • Online Check if your mail servers are reachable from outside (from the internet)
  • Test if your Firewall allows the appropriate incoming communication for your DNS, mail, and web servers
  • Proof your ISP, if the a hosted DNS zone is properly and functioning Hosting- and web server health check

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