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FreeProxy – Freeware Proxy Server

FreeProxy ScreenshotFreeProxy is a proxy server with support for HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP over HTTP, TCP Tunneling, NNTP and SOCKS5. It works with a wide range of clients including web browsers, ICQ, MSN Messenger and many others. Features include user authentication to both an internal user database or to a windows domain, extensive reporting, resource permissions, URL filtering, IP address filtering, local port binding, on-demand dialing, calendar control, proxy chaining, HTTP Cache, Ban Lists, ISAPI extensions, web server and numerous other features. FreeProxy can run as a service on all current platforms. Very detailed help is included that documents all aspects of the setup and client configuration.

FreeProxy has these features which can be used/not used as required:

  • Demand Dialing
    Whenever a connection is attempted, dial the associated Internet Service Provider.
  • Automatic dialing:
    Set up the connection at specific times.
  • Calendar control:
    Create weekly calendars to determine
    – when automatic dialing should occur
    – when demanded connections to the internet can be made
    – when users can use the services
  • Session Control:
    Keep track of session times and allow access to the ISP based on total time used
  • Hangup
    Hangup based on inactivity or time. An online option allows you to hang up as well.
  • Run options
    Run FreeProxy as a service or in console mode for both Windows 98/Me and XP/2000/2003/NT.
  • Trace information
    FreeProxy provides 3 levels of trace information as well as the ability to display all the IP traffic being sent and received.
  • Protocols
    HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 5 and FTP proxy, POP, SMTP, NNTP and TCP tunnelling, , FTP over HTTP, FTP over SOCKS 5
  • Resource Security
    Control access to paths, ports, URLs, IP addresses and control access to each of the services.
  • User Authentication
    Basic, Digest and NTLM. Authenticate to FreeProxy user data base or windows domain.
  • Logging
    Log access and attempts to access forbidden sites. Flexible access reporting.
  • Configurable Web Server
    Serve Web Pages to browsers
  • Cache

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