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Freeware DVD files fix tool

FixVTS is a very tiny tool that allows you to adjust your DVD files into better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in DVDShrink or VobBlanker. FixVTS does a similar job as what’s called an IFOEdit Mock Strip, but only adjust as little information as possible in the VOB and IFO files to allow it to open in a other appication while keeping the DVD as original as possible.

You would use FixVTS if you messed up your DVD, for example by applying the wrong tool, or aborting in the middle of some processing, and the result can no longer be used. Another good use is for DVDs that have been authored with deliberate “errors” in the IFO or VOB files, such that they still play on your player, but won’t open in DVD editing tools such as DVDShrink, VobBlanker and others.

This is a must have for me as a DVD recorder owner. For me it fixed Nero error “File ‘VIDEO_TS.VOB’ is not referenced and should not be present”.

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