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26Aug TekSIP – Freeware Stateless SIP Proxy Server

TekSIP is a freeware¬†SIP Registrar/ Proxy that complies with RFC 3261, RFC 3263, RFC 3311, RFC 3581 and RFC 3891. It supports NAT traversal. You can select IP address to be listened, default SIP endpoint for outgouing calls. You are also able to log session details into a log file. TekSIP main features: Quick and […]

29Aug Free FTP server

FreeFTPd is a FTP/FTPS/SFTP server that enables user to access remote files over TCP/IP network such as Internet. Unlike FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols provide security and strong encryption of data – great for insecure network. FreeFTPd can be run on NT based operating system, starting from Windows NT version 4.0. There are no special […]

22Jan FreeProxy – Freeware Proxy Server

FreeProxy is a proxy server with support for HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP over HTTP, TCP Tunneling, NNTP and SOCKS5. It works with a wide range of clients including web browsers, ICQ, MSN Messenger and many others. Features include user authentication to both an internal user database or to a windows domain, extensive reporting, resource permissions, […]

18Dec MailEnable – Freeware Windows Mail Server

MailEnable Standard Edition provides robust SMTP and POP3 services for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems. Simple to install, with powerful administration software means that your mail server will be up and running quickly. This edition is FREE, contains no spyware or adware, for both personal and commercial usage, with no time or user restrictions. Edition provides robust, […]

26Oct JXplorer – Best Freeware LDAP Browser

JXplorer is an open source ldap browser. It is a standards compliant general purpose ldap browser that can be used to read and search any ldap directory, or any X500 directory with an ldap interface.JXplorer handles all the basic ldap operations required to browse and modify an ldap directory. In addition it is highly configurable […]