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03Jul NoteTab Light – Freeware Text Editor

NoteTab Light - freeware text editorNoteTab Light is the ultimate free Notepad replacement and a capable HTML editor. A slimmer version of the award-winning NoteTab Pro, this slick application makes text editing a breeze. Move quickly around a stack of large files with a simple tabbed interface. Format your text to your heart’s content. Write with the font of your choice, fixed-width or proportional.

If you need to cut and paste chunks from a pile of files, forget the Clipboard: you can set up a Paste Board file to save text clips automatically. Strip HTML tags from your files. Call up complete document statistics instantly. Use powerful, system-wide search and replace tools.

Speed up your work with text macros: you can use them as shortcuts, or even to auto-replace those persistent typos. Handy sample macro libraries are supplied, and you can easily build your own. Make the most of NoteTab’s many options to suit your own workstyle.

There’s more, much more, in this package…

Download NoteTab Light: a free Notepad replacement, feature-rich text editor, and HTML editor from here

28Jun EmEditor – Best Text Editor

best text editor emeditor screenshotEmurasoft’s EmEditor now have FREE version! I think that EmEditor is the best text editor in the world – try it and you will understand me. Why is EmEditor the best text editor?

  1. EmEditor can launch very fast, almost instantaneously!
  2. Extendable with plug-ins!
  3. Powerful macros with your favorite script language!
  4. Unicode support!
  5. Easy and intuitive design with tabbed windows!
  6. Many other features, such as keyword highlighting, regular expression search and highlighting, bookmarking, etc.

Download free EmEditor from here

22Jun WinBinder – Build Windows Applications With PHP

WinBinder ScreenshotWinBinder is an open source extension to PHP, the script programming language. It allows PHP programmers to easily build native Windows applications, producing quick and rewarding results with minimum effort. Even short scripts with a few dozen lines can generate a useful program, thanks to the power and flexibility of PHP.

See what it can do:

  • A small set of WinBinder functions encapsulates many complex aspects of the Windows API and makes programming for Windows an easy task.
  • No compiling and linking steps necessary: just code and run.
  • Interfaces directly to the Window API. This means fast execution, no extra libraries and no installation required.
  • Access to the vast range of existing PHP functions and extensions, including databases, graphics, web functions, XML, PDF, and much more.
  • Large installed base of PHP programmers.
  • Provides 100% native Windows classes and controls.
  • Supports both procedural and object-oriented programming models.
  • High performance, compares favorably to most scripting languages.
  • Produces standalone applications that can be easily installed and removed with no reboot.
  • Small footprint. A simple Windows application, complete with the PHP runtime and SQLite extension, is smaller than 700 kB (zipped).
  • A database-independent framework allows easy coding (no SQL knowledge is necessary) and smooth integration with the WinBinder code.
  • No database server required if using SQLite.
  • Does not need to use to the Windows registry, but may use it if necessary.

PHP is a very popular scripting language that is used mostly for web development but is gaining popularity as a general-purpose scripting language.

WinBinder itself is comprised of a DLL (which is the actual PHP extension), a small set of PHP scripts and some auxiliary files. Of course a minimal PHP installation is required as well.

21Jun Universal Share Downloader – Freeware Download Manager

Universal Share Downloader screenshotIf you usually come across downloads from free hosting sites you’ll probably have noticed that they’re all quite unfriendly and difficult to use: lots of ads, waiting times, extra clicks, passwords and some other elements make downloading from free hosting services a real

Luckily enough you can now use Universal Share Downloader. This manager handles the whole downloading process in a very convenient way, saving you all the hard work. Just enter the appropriate link for the file you want to download an this application will take care of everything.

Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese Trad, Czech, Dutch, Euskera, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Swedish

05Jun Media Player Classic

Window Media Player Classic is an enhanced version of Windows Media Player 6.4.

Media Player Classic

This program allows you to play DVDs with the help of external decoders like WinDVD and it can also play Realmedia files, if realplayer one is installed.

The best part about this program is the ability to modify the filters when playing your favorite video.

Media Player Classic for Win2k/XP is 100% FREE, which means it is a freeware product (both for personal and commercial use).

You may download MPC from SoftPediaВ or from author’s site.

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